1. STAMINA test pages.

    Here are samples from my story called STAMINA. I’m putting a few more of these together for NYCC. It’s heavily inspired by Tokusatsu (Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Japanese Spider-Man, etc.) and Tatsunoko (Karas, GatchaMan, Casshern, etc.) as well as many American superhero comics thrown in the various shonen manga influences. Originally this was going to be a parody comic (BUT WE ALREADY HAVE ONE PUNCH MAN WHICH IS AWESOME) but as the story progressed it turned into something different. 

    Expect more in the future! 

  2. "My name is Miles Morales and I’M Spider-Man."

    (snippets of what’s to come) 


    MILES MORALES MEETS ROBBIE REYES! These are for a one shot I’m doing that involves the All New Ghost Rider crossing paths with the Ultimate Spider-Man. The story takes place 7 years in the future for both characters. I’m doing this for fun. Keep your eyes open for more! :) I’m writing and drawing it. Props to Felipe Smith and Brian Michael Bendis for creating such great characters. I hope to do them justice in my one shot. I don’t have a scanner right now…but when I get one I promise I’ll scan these. :)


  4. bren-duh123 said: Howdy, Howdy! I just recently saw your cosplay of Miles Morales, and I was so amazed. Perfect location, jaw dropping job on the costume, awesome set. Although we'd never get the chance to work together as cosplayers or having a photo shoot, i'm happy I got to witness your work in some form. I'm going to stop writing before I sound like a weird fan :P In the words of the ever great Leonard Nimoy "Live long and prosper"

    Hey! I’m glad you like it! Going in alleys seemed right. Although it wasn’t shot in NY, the location we were in favored Brooklyn a little bit. It was fun. I’ve never done this before so I had to just get into it.  Definitely will be doing it again! Really glad you liked it. Thank you for reaching out!!!

  5. pixiepienix:

    look at this fragile delicate flower of a man look at how precarious his value and identity is wonder at the marvel that is masculinity

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