(one shot coming soon)

    Mkay. On to the next page! Imagine a world where Robbie Reyes met Miles Morales… This is it.Trying to have some new stuff in portfolio for NYCC.

  2. late night inking with Miles Morales. This is for my Ghost Rider/Spider-Man one shot. Just for fun. I’ll keep you folks posted as usual.

  3. MILES MORALES & ROBBIE REYES CROSSOVER. The Spider/ The Rider: 7 years later FIRE NEXT TIME ONE SHOT. I’m working on the pages now. Expect more this soon!

  4. My birthday was yesterday. I went out to an art exhibit today. Had fun. Then I went to comic ship and picked up some gifts for myself. :) Then I went home and sat down and got back to drawing! Right now I’m studying my influences and getting ready for NYCC!


  5. adumbrant said: Do you work for Marvel? Your art is pretty amazing

    No. Not just yet. Maybe one day! I’m doing some sample pages though as well as my own thing. Working for Marvel is one of the many things I hope to accomplish. Thank you for noticing my work!!!